haiku, Poem/Song, Poetry, reflections

Ghosting #1


their skin to touch lost

in words float away in dust

times not coming back 
Poem/Song, Poetry, reflections, Writing

Stray (hits feel like kisses)


Snowing by Tiina Itkonen, 2015.

boy/girl come here

           boy/girl go away now

    push and pull

             please go

please stay

affections sit

   with your disaffected way

               affections drift

In your eyes

        whatever they need

  arms push and pull

                  until you bleed

boy/girl come near

               boy/girl ignored

boy/girl loved


                             go now
                                    go stray


Poem/Song, Poetry, reflections, Writing

excuse me


for years
 tearing myself apart
 over and over
 for what?
 for you?
 for them?
 in my soul
 my mind tormenting
 day after day
 no respite
 and for what
 for whom?
 for you
 and you
 and you
 endless list
 of names
 one way addresses
 receiving nothing
 giving so fucking much
 for what
 for whom
 for nothing?
 i relent
 i forgive
 i forget
 but i will try
 for whom?
 for you?
 for them?
 no. for me
 only me
 all this for loves
 that never were
 that will never be
 wasted time
 wasted years
 paralyzed by fear
 of being alone
 yet still alone
 we all are
 until we are not
 until we disappear
 from the minds eye
 from the lens
 in front of you
 right here
 right now
 i was there
 were you?
 memory knows
 there is nothing else
 that's all that's left
 the dust of me
 the dust of you
 love thats really unreal