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mirror mirror me

sharp cut claw lick nourish me

we devour in tongues

One Year Later…

david bowie – no plan (2017) 

happy birthday to the late mr bowie, who passed away on January 10th of last year. today the legendary pop icon would have been 70 and to mark the event, a new EP of music has been released, including a track entitled ‘No plan’, the video of which you can view above. Below are some links to Bowie related content posted on this blog in the last few years so why dont you take some time to remember and appreciate the mans magnificence.

now that is what i would call muzik #4

Bowie’s a DJ, he is what he plays!

Essential Bowie – Strangers When We Meet

 Steadicam Tales: The Drift

Berlin Route 66

Essential Sounds – Love Dares You….

The Double Life of…David Bowie

Ecstacy in Motion: 21- Dance to the Radio

Ecstacy in Motion: 18 – The horror, the horror…( Black Cats Dreaming)

Bowie (1947 -2016)