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click & follow my bliss

love thyself. Just don’t harm anyone else while you do it. good luck. find your way. your spiritual path. buddhism? hinduism? sufism? scientology? paganism? veganism? all of these? sure. go for it. just don’t!!!…oh…you’ve done it haven’t you? you have hurt someone. let someone done. put your own needs ahead of theirs? oh well, that’s life right? as long as you are happy. as long as you are doing what makes you happy, the rest of the world will fall in line and respect, appreciate your journey of self-discovery and realise that in fact they have not actually been living at all. you have stoked the dead ambers of their burnt dreams and revived their bloated consumerist corpses.  you! yes. you or more specifically. me. me .me. I.I.I. the pronoun of the self. the most overused word in the english vocabulary. it’s so important to keep an open mind. to be a vessel for new ideas. to seek out new experiences. tasting new flavours. take it while it’s there. carpe diem. or regret your whole stinking miserable existence. look back and go’oh, if only father, mother, fred, dave, diane, whoever…’ live your life to the fullest. you only get one. sure, we don’t have war, famine, disease, unpredictable, insane leaders, drug cartels, force 10 hurricanes, tsunami’s, homelessness, poverty, unemployment, high rates of suicide, depression so deep it will seep into bones of our inheritors, the future race…if there is one…oh wait, i need to take a selfie or actaully,  a photo of myself looking serene, calm, ever so smug with some native peoples, in front of a temple, an awesome landscape that 95% of you losers below the economic faultline will never get to experience but then I never think about you. i see what i want to see. feel what i want to feel. whenever. whatever suits me. just edit the othe stuff out, okay? the poverty? the death? the complicated stuff. shit, even that emotional stuff, connections you make with people. I could do without that to be honest. people are so clingy these days. why should i grow up? be a child forever. follow you bliss, man. be yourself. don’t conform but end up a cliche selling adspace on some travel blog anyway. everyone is looking to connect with you or something. i cant be doing that with everyone. dont have time. need t check my phone now. what? what is it? oh, my family were killed in a hurricane? i never truly loved or was loved in return? happiness was an illusory construct and of course there is no god, magical beings with fairy dust and money is for nothing…the apocalypse is here? just wait for the wifi…just wait a sec….fuckkkkk!!!!!!!!! why didn’t i adopt that orphan child or listen to johathan richman/african soul/Public Enemy/indonesian heavy metal more or read all those books? die kindle die and now the world is on fire with no escape….no one to lend a hand or calm your weary heart, no laughter, no children playing but all of that is beside the point…look at me, baby…just look at me..i dont need you…i dont need anyone…i dont need anything…i dont need this laptop, i dont need this chair i’m sittying in as i type this incoherent screed, i don’t need chocolate, underpants, gold…i am independent though i have a bank account…don’t you…my parents helped out now and again, so what bro? i dont need your love. i dont want it. the hassle. let me get old and then i will deal with it. maybe. let me explore my sexuality first. how long? indefinitely! if i want. it’s a human right. no? it isn’t? let me make a patronising donation then. i will have a latte by the way. and where is the exit again? i missed it…well, my soul has well and truly been fucked. on to the next life. let’s do it right this time. (the bell rings, tolls etc, heavyhanded sound effect to signify a profound denoument…) fade to black or so i’ve been told…but i’m good with that because i’m just a laid back, go with the flow guy/girl/tranny/horse/sentient being/scandinavian folding chair. and i would like to/i want to/i am going to/i will so and so forth, i lost the thread man…