Poem/Song, Poetry, reflections, Writing

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No actually…It’s Nature Boy!

2397-1759-2600-1-nature-boy.jpg (444×640)

to pierce through your armor

I don’t have the power

to pierce through the bullshit

I don’t have the strength

to make myself suffer

no longer makes sense

to hang around like a dog

get shoved in the dirt

I don’t have the need

got enough of my own

too tired broken too old

to be feeling this shit

I want to feel good

I need to feel good

I would make you feel good

but I’ve been here before

same story play and repeat

we all live out our own

sometimes we learn

if we want to

sometimes we love

if we want to

sometimes we hate

if we want to

need to

want to

how long does it take

a lifetime of sacrifice

guilt and shame

to truly give up

then slip into darkness

when it takes

takes so fucking much

for a moment to change

to turn around

then love someone

who can love one in return


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