Let’s DSP him!

                                                                                                                                                                                       Estimated Year: 2114
                                                                                                                      Estimated month: January/February/December 
                                                                                         Translation (from Europanian):  The brain of Dr Jani Kourossos
Dictated and scanned by OS Standard 5.0 funded & sponsored by
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                                                                                                                                                              Content: Hand of a dead poet 
                                                                                                                  Editor: The Ministry of Health, Devotion & Positivity
@Europania Moon Time: 25:07 mins
<Past First Display of Sunlight & Mercury Showers & Mutant-Ants>


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Tilt head back, silently repeating your mantra to view the film below.


 Dear John 4356771-AB,
We are contacting you in relation to the fact that once again, you have failed to make much of yourself.
As a healthy, relatively young, intelligent and skilled male human being, you have singularly screwed up every opportunity for advancement that you have been presented with in your thirty years inhabiting this planet.
Your penchant for self-defeat, self-delusion and other self- affixed character faults as well as your inability to fully grasp how much potential and time you have actually wasted in those three decades is frustrating and we feel at this stage, having tried to help you and nurture you in every way possible that we can no longer justify investing any time or effort in you any longer.
You are on your own now. But isn’t that the way you wanted it all along? To be left alone and decide your own destiny? Your behaviour throughout your life would suggest this to be the case; an unwillingness to take advice, a stubborn refusal to compromise and even on the occasions when you did, you were often overtaken by a violent self loathing which rendered you even more difficult to be around. As if that was possible.
Your mood swings verge on the childish and are an unattractive quality for a man in his 30’s, no doubt one of the key reasons along with the already stated egotism that has made entering into an adult male-female relationship nigh on impossible.
But then, as befits your frustrating penchant for whimsy and resistance, perhaps you are also unsure of your predilections in that area though possibly more as a political act of revolt against the norm.
Also, has come to our attention that you have not registered with the relevant housing authorities and thus without notice we will be forced to remove you from the premises and relocate you to the Forbidden Zone.
There, along with the other misfits, failures, fringe dwellers, freaks, fiscally insolvent and lame you will eke out a paltry, pathetic and no doubt lonely existence where you will slowly perish, go insane and then breathe your last breath.
And then it will be as if you never existed. You will leave no legacy. No happiness bestowed upon others, no acts of unselfish love or sacrifice, no achievements set in stone   You will be less than a speck of dust on the tombstone of history and your number will be erased from this fair society. Forever.
You are just a shadow and what was left of your soul, that part of you that fled in cowardice several years ago has been found in a haunted lay by off the EM90 travel tube. It was discovered broken and weeping, whispering lullabies to itself.
Rest assured, we will dispose of it in an environmentally & spiritually cleansed environment.
Oh and one last thing to close….we are outside your door now so don’t even think of trying to escape.
It’s over.
With respect to your inevitable submission you pitiful worm,
 Last Commander Josef di Vitale III.


Head of the DSP Division

Council Chambers

Seaview District

Maroon City


Europa Republic