15 – The Gentlemans Code

When the time approaches and people look back on the life of Willem H. ,  it will be a less than fond reminiscence; not so much because of the man’s character – though that could be questionable under duress – but perhaps of the oft difficult circumstances he created for himself and those around him.  There was a certain darkness  which always seemed to exist around the edges of his seemingly uneventful life,  something ready and waiting to sabotage even those rare moments of joy bestowed upon him.

Willem H. was a cautious fellow and risk did not sit easily with his nature. This inherited personality was often a source of much frustration and when recalling his childhood of acute isolation under the watchful care of his stern parents  Dr Alfred &  Headmistress Franka, he would emit a defeated sigh.  During those years growing up in a forest cabin some miles away from the nearest town where he would be allowed to frequent school, Willem H. learnt a great deal from his mother and father.

Aside from his standard school subjects, his mother and father took it upon themselves to home school Willem H. in more worldly pursuits to broaden his mind and prepare him for maturity. Reading, writing, revision; the aqquirement of knowledge was favoured over more physically invigorating outdoor pursuits.  His introversion was nurtured up until his teenage years when he finally left the comfort of the family nest for a chance to become a scholar of Science in an old university town some two hundred miles away.

It was during these somewhat carefree, stimulating days and nights of study and idleness that Willem H. saw his first vision. It appeared in the darkest corner of his room one fateful evening. This space had provided him with great spiritual comfort and solace; a shelter from the shallow politics, sexual rivalry, feelings of worthlessness and general vicissitudes of everyday living. Here as in his childhood, Willem H. could focus on his books and withdraw into reflective silence but once this vision appeared to him, the idea of solace and indeed his innate concept of reality slowly dissolved.

His eyes fixed on his textbooks and copious notes, Willem H.’s mind drifted and his reptile mind began to fantasize about a red haired girl named Jessica Kuhler, one of his class colleagues. She had a formidable mind which Willem H. admired but her appeal to him was enhanced by her modesty and a seeming obliviousness to her own charms. They had kissed once, a freshmans celebration at the local tavern with the other students but this brief physical union was perhaps fueled more by drink and the first taste of youthful freedom than by any meeting of minds.

Since that evening, they only exchanged brief words, shared smiles and occasional glances with Jessica continuing to experiment with others in the mating game whilst Willem H. remained faithful only to his beloved academia. He did not feel comfortable conversing socially with others, especially the young women around him who appeared fickle, cruel and lacking in grace.  Jessica seemed different but he was unable to reveal his hearts shameful desire and yet felt so acutely alive in her presence. She inflamed his senses and now distracted him from his work, imagining her lithe legs wrapped around him and her softness pressed against his.  As he closed his eyes ready to drown in a deep swell of erotic longing, Willem H. heard an unsettling sound. It seemed to emanate from the corner, underneath the skylight window; a heavy sound, another being in the room with him. Had someone or something been hiding in that corner all along he wondered?


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